Questions To Ask A Painting Contractor Before You Hire Them

1. Are you licensed and insured?

This may be the most important question that you ask your contractor. It goes for the company that you are working with and all of the individual painters, as well. The whole goal is to protect you and your family in this case that there is an injury on the job site. You want to be protected from liability, and this is the best way to do that. Do not hire a contractor who cannot prove these assertions with documentation, either.

2. Do you use the latest technology in painting?

Painting technology has changed so much recently. Brushes are moving to the back-burner and specialized sprays are now being used more and more, especially in exterior painting jobs. The advantages are speed and therefore cost. Professionals can do a painting job much quicker, and hence they can get to more jobs a week. However, it does take a professional to know what they are doing with this advanced technology, so the entire saving is not passed on the the consumer.

3. Do you have a reputation for quality work?

It is easy to pronounce, but who can prove it? We advise you to look at online forums and check out customer feedback with a company before hiring them. Ask your contractors when you meet them if they have a place to go check on their reputation. Another possibility is to check and see if they have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. That is important in knowing their long-term commitment to their customers.

4. How do you choose your painters?

We know that a lot of contractors hire very cheap labor and train them to do fast jobs, in order to make more money. We recommend that you choose a local painting contractor who only uses highly-trained and experienced painters for your job. A bad job can cause you stress and be a major drain on your finances. Go with the pros.

5. Do you guarantee your work?

Most of our painting contractors guarantee their work, and we suggest that you only hire a contractor that does, as well. A guarantee means that the job is not complete until the customer is satisfied. Period. Our selected painting contractors can do this because they have built a reputation for quality work, so people keep coming back to them, year after year. Also, it helps our contractors to know that there is no cutting corners. Our contractors don’t have that option because of the reputation standards we hold our painting experts to.

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There are always questions that you want to ask a painting contractor before you hire them. This article highlights a five questions to ask a painting contractor before you hire them. These questions are examples of many that a homeowner should ask. These are always a good start to start asking the painting contractor.

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