Preparing To Renovate Your Home: “The 4 P’s”


There may be a lot of projects on your agenda, including different rooms and parts of the house. If you want to be successful in your renovations, you want to be very specific at the onset of what you want to accomplish and when. We suggest that you pick one project to do at a time. First off, prioritize which project would make the biggest immediate impact for you and your family. Consult your family in a private meeting and get them on board, too. It’s nice to have support as the project goes on, because otherwise the home environment can become a very stressful place. If you prioritize early, you can take down small projects one at a time.


The next step is to devise a plan. Create a list of what needs to be done and in what order. Then put some dates next to each of the action items. One suggestion is to be practical both with your time and with the scope of the project tasks. It’s probably not practical to do all of the shopping and take apart the sink in one day–at least not for most human beings who have other responsibilities, too. We advise you to take it slowly; it’s better to get one action item accomplished in a day than to try to do three items and either get burned out or do a terrible job or forget something important. It also depends on whether you hire a contractor for the job or do it yourself.


It definitely takes something to see a renovation through from start to finish. It will take you determination and a level head. Keeping your eye on the finish line can really be a value in getting over the mid-race bumps and frustrations of renovating your home. Anyone who has done a major renovation, in particular, will agree that it can cause stress not only to you, but also to your whole family. If you lose your cool, it is easier to let the whole project start to disintegrate. Be a finisher. See this project through the end, and you’ll be the rock star of your home!


Don’t forget to PLAY. If the renovation becomes all about money and being serious all the time, it can really take away the awesomeness of it. Have fun, make it a family goal, kind of like what going to the Moon was for the United States in the 60’s. If you all can accomplish this together, what can’t you accomplish? Play some music, order pizza and beer after a long day, crack jokes and dance while doing your renovations. Bring play to your renovation job and watch it go by much more quickly!

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