How We Choose Our Contractors

In the era of the Internet, a consumer can find out all types of information about companies before hiring them. However, there are companies that have learned how to skew their ratings, reviews, and content about them. Our goal is to be a resource for our consumers that visit to find qualified local contractors that have the reputation, qualifications, and certifications to provide a quality service for our visitors’ homes.

Requirements of Each Listed Contractor:

  1. License and Insurance
    We research each contractor’s standing with the state license requirements, regulations, and status of their license and required insurance.  We request that each contractor to provide documents that show proof of insurance and current license status with the state that the particular contractor provides service.
  2. Reputation
    We research each contractor’s reputation online. We require the contractor not have any negative reviews or negative publicity about the company or the company’s services. We review online places that have contractor’s reviews and information about their service.We do not necessarily choose a contractor with the most reviews. We review each contractor’s online profiles and rate the contractor by actual reviews. If we feel the review is a fake, we do not consider the review in our investigation process.
  3. Verified Quality Work believes in providing our visitors with honest contractors. We go above and beyond surveying several of the contractor’s past clients. Each contractor’s past clients are verified with a paid invoice document that contractor provides. The documents have to pass our verification process.The past clients and survey their experience from a third party service. We post this survey on each contractor’s page. Please review our Verified Work Process.
  4. Choosing The Best Contractor believes in providing the most qualified contractors on our website. The final step is when we compare the contractors that have suggested to be listed on our website. We make sure that the contractors pass all of’s requirements. Must pass with 100%. Once we have found the best contractor in the particular city, we will list the contractor and the verified information.

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About This Page:

We have a detailed process on how we choose our professional contractors. We know that by providing quality roofing contractors that our visitors will recommend to other homeowners that may need a expert to help them with their home improvements.

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