Hiring An Insured Painting Contractor

It’s really important to hire a painting contractors that is insured–that goes for painting contractors and any other contractor that you may want to hire to do work on your house. It brings you a level of protection and security just in case something were to happen while the job was going on. For example, if you hired a contractor for an exterior painting job, and someone fell off the ladder trying to get to a hard to reach spot way up high, if he’s not insured you and your family could be liable for the accident, his recovery and the costs that might be incurred if he decided to sue. Too many people have lost nearly everything because they made the one mistake of not making sure their contractor was insured before starting.

Is It Enough To Ask If My Contractor Is Insured?

No. You must ask for documentation. We repeat: you want to actually see the paperwork proving that he’s insured. Some contractors might ask you take their word for it–the paperwork being at home, lost or perhaps there is some other reason. That’s fine. Just tell them that you can’t hire them until they find it. We are confident that they will either find it very quickly, or you will never hear from them again. Unfortunately, not everyone tells the truth. Don’t be naive enough to believe someone and take their word on such an important and risky issue.

Do The Workers Need To Be Insured, Too?

Yes. Anyone who steps foot on the job site must be insured, and there must be corresponding paperwork to prove it. We also suggest that you check documentation to make sure that your contractor is a licensed contractor. A company who is legitimate will carry the proper documentation. It’s actually a great way to weed out the professional painting contractors from the rest. If a company or individual does not want to provide the proper paperwork, it’s a great way to pleasantly bow out of any proposed arrangement.

The risk is too great to go into business with someone who is either unlicensed or uninsured. There are so many other companies out that do have the proper documentation; we suggest that you use one of them. You may save money going with someone who is uninsured, but we ask you to consider if it’s really a risk worth taking. Sometimes, the way that appears cheaper at the onset ends up being a lot more expensive later on. The opposite can be true, as well. If your contractor tries to promise you the world and seems like he is all talk, he probably is. Proceed with exceptional caution.

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