Five Things You Need To Know About Renovations

1. Select A Contractor Carefully

You definitely want to do some research before selecting a contractor for your next renovation. We suggest that you first ask around amongst the people in your life and your neighborhood to see if anyone has had a great experience. More likely than not, you will hear people’s really horrible stories of working with contractors who made big promises that were never fulfilled. Take those names and cross them off your list as you peruse the internet listing.

Your next step is to make a list of the online contractors in your area. Before you call any of them, save some time by looking at online forums that have feedback from customers of the various contractors. This will help you narrow your list even more.

Finally, call and set up an appointment. When he arrives, listen carefully to what he says. If he listens and then quickly says he can do the deal, without really getting the whole picture from you, it’s a clear signal that he just wants the job. Those contractors are dangerous, especially the ones that ask for a whole lot upfront. Wait for a contractor who will really listen to what you need, but who also asks critical questions to understand the project fully.

2. Safety First

It is important to make sure your assets are protected in any transaction. Since the job will happen on your property, unless the contractor and his employees are insured and licensed, you will be liable for any accident on the job; it happens more often than you think, so you only want to go with someone who has the documentation to prove that they actually do have these policies.

3. Reputation

Reputation is built over time. You definitely want to work with an established company, because they have more at stake to protect than a company that has just arrived on the scene. At least ten years of experience in the industry is the industry norm.

4. Commitment

Commitment is also an essential quality for your home improvement contractor to bring to the table. You want to be a lot more than just another job to him. Some contractors overbook so that they can make more money, and then you go to the bottom of the list of priorities. You always deserve to be a top priority in your renovations with renovation companies.

5. Quality

Finally, make sure to hire someone who does quality work. You should be able to look at before and after pictures to see some of the quality of the work. Also, ask tough questions about what kinds of materials and workers he uses.

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