Five Mistakes Everyone Makes During A Home Improvement

Most rookie mistakes are related to one common theme: thinking you know more than you do. It can lead to some pretty disastrous results, but some people just have to learn the hard way. If that’s you, save your time and skip this article. Everyone else, we invite you to keep reading.

1. Choosing The Wrong Contractor

If you plan to use a contractor, selecting the wrong one can lead to endless hassles, stress, frustration and the desire to give up and even give in. You want to avoid this kind of contractor like the plague–because that’s what it will feel like if you actually hire someone that fits this mold. You will have wished that you never got into home improvement in the first place.

2. Rushing Into A Project

You don’t want to rush a project unless it’s a water pipe leak or some other emergency. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of making a dis-improvement in your home. No one wants that. Patience is a big key in doing home improvement. Some people want to go to the store and finish the job in one day; however, you want to get used to doing small parts of the job and then waiting a few days or even a week until the next weekend to complete it. As a rule of thumb, rushed jobs usually turn out looking pretty bad. Again, you don’t want that. It will definitely detract from the value of your home, too. A bad job is often worse than doing no job at all!

3. Making a Huge Mess

You really want to avoid making your home into a battleground. If you have a family, they definitely won’t appreciate having to wear combat boots around the house because you might have left sharp presents lying around. This mistake ties in nicely with the “don’t rush” advice. If you plan your steps carefully from the beginning, then there should be no reason to make a mess out of your house. In fact, if a job is so big that it will entail a huge mess, you’re probably over your head in the first place!

4. Not Asking For Help

This should be relatively obvious, but it’s a wonder how many people try to do it by their self. It’s really asking for trouble, especially with more complicated projects. Really, you just want to start the project by looking deeply within and asking yourself, “Am I kidding myself, or do I really know enough to open up this can of worms?” Be honest. If you don’t know what you’re doing, consult a friend, a neighbor, your local hardware store personnel or even youtube.

5. Not Consulting Their Wife First

This is the cardinal sin of them all. Your wife walks in after grocery shopping and other weekend errands to find you in the kitchen with the sink taken apart on the ground, with different sized pipes laying around and you scratching your head. For the health of your sink–and your marriage–we highly recommend that you proceed with caution and and ask permission before forgiveness.

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