Cleaning A Roof After A Storm

After a big storm, there is usually a lot of debris around your yard. You want to make sure to go up and take a look at your roof, as well. Sometimes, there may not be a big branch or limb that has fallen on your roof, but you still may have a problem. All it takes is a lot of wind and a floating piece of debris to hit your roof in just the right way, and you may have some missing tiles or shingles and be susceptible to a leak.

It certainly is easier to look up from the ground to see if there is a problem without going up on your roof. But we guarantee you that there are issues that you can never see without grabbing a ladder. Of course you can get up and check for yourself, but after a strong storm you might consider calling a professional to inspect your roof, especially if there are any leaks in your home.

Other than picking up limbs, we don’t suggest that you use any tools to clean your roof. It’s simply too dangerous to work on a roof if you’re not a trained professional with the right equipment. For example, many injuries become more serious because homeowners will go on top of their roof with no one else at home. Then, they have an accident and there is no one to call to get medical assistance, potentially causing a smaller issue to become a major one. Trained professionals never do a job alone; therefore, they always have someone to come to their rescue if they need someone.

If any trees went down in your neighborhood, there is a greater likelihood that there might be roof damage on your roof. Whenever sustained winds move above 40 mph, it is a good idea to get your roof checked. The combination of rain, wind and debris can cause a “perfect storm” that can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Our selected Atlanta Roofing Contractors can come over and do a quick survey to let you know if there is any damages to your roof. If you hire us later down the road, we can subtract some of the expenses of our inspections against the cost of the new roofing job. Our contractors realize that roofing jobs are expensive, and they want to create partnerships that will last a long while. For this reason, they go out of our way to create a relationship with their clients that make them feel valued. If you have not worked with a professional roofing company before, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and care that they bring to every job.

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There is nothing better than to have your roof cleaned after a nasty storm. One of the best ways to prevent future damage is hiring a professional to remove debris that could cause long term roof damage.

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