Choosing The Right Color for Interior Painting

Color shopping should be fun. Going to paint stores, mixing new paint colors, bringing home samples to try out, and imagining your home’s new look, is something every homeowner looks forward to. Follow these steps to make sure you choosing the right color for interior painting.

First, visit a few paint stores. There are varying levels of price, quality, and finish to consider. Once in the stores, collect samples to take home. Even ask for a few samples that you don’t expect to like, maybe they will surprise you when you get home. If you are going to be purchasing new furniture or carpeting, take color samples with you to the paint store and see how they work together. Paint is the easiest color to change in a home, so make it work with your other choices rather than the other way around.

Second, take the paint samples home and try them all over the place. Put them on ceilings, walls, furniture, and carpeting. Try to imagine the transition from adjacent rooms into the one you are planning to paint and think about whether your new paint colors will work with the house as a whole. Consider the entire paint sample strip. Usually when you bring home a paint sample, the color you are considering is on a strip with a number of related colors. These related colors have many of the same hues as the paint color you are considering. Look at all of them on the wall to get a sense of the effect your new paint color will have on the room.

Paint test patches. After bringing home sample strips and picking a few favorites, buy enough paint to paint test patches on the wall and leave them their for a few days. Over time, it should be clearer which paint speaks to you the most. Try to pick a color that will create the right mood in a room. Light and dark are not just shades, they are emotional elements. Different colors can be feminine or masculine, cheery or gloomy, playful or serious. Try to pick a color that will enhance the mood you want in the room without being overwhelming. Make sure there is still space to add artwork or new furniture later without it feeling out of place because the paint job takes up all visual space in the room.

If nothing feels exactly right, ask a store to mix the paint color you want. Bring in photos or samples of the other colors in the room as well as the colors that are closest to what you want. A paint pro can use that information to mix you a specialized paint color that is exactly what you are looking for.

Once your wall paint color is picked out, get to work choosing paint for the ceilings and trim. Because ceilings are darker spaces in the house, it’s usually a good idea to go a few shades lighter to make it blend with the walls. For baseboards and molding you can try the same thing, or for a bolder statement pick a different, but complimentary paint color.

If you are looking for professional help from a local painting contractor, our directory of painting professionals can help you with choosing the right color for Interior Painting and help you with a professional paint service as well.

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One of the most difficult part about redesigning a room isĀ choosing the right color for Interior Painting. This article covers the over all process of choosing the right color before you paint the room.

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