Hiring A Professional vs. DIY Painting

It may be tempting to do the job yourself. When you do it yourself, you can save so much money, right? Perhaps. But it also depends on how you value your time, stress level, marriage and money. For example, have you ever gotten into a project thinking you could do it yourself, but you ended up creating a bigger mess than if you would have just called a professional in the first place?

Less Work When Hiring A Professional

We believe that when you do what you’re good at, and let other people do what they’re good at, good things happen. We believe your time is valuable, so we think it’s a waste of your time trying to get involved in something that you know very little about to save money on the back end. Too often, people get so over their heads that in the end of the day the job cost them more money than if they would have hired one of the many professional local painting contractors. One of the reasons is that professionals know how to shop, buy in bulk and can be much more efficient than your average Joe or Jane.

Professional Value On Peace Of Mind

Most people only think of money in terms of paper. We also believe that your health is also a commodity. Many people are willing to trade their health for saving a few dollars. However, if you get so stressed out to save some money, and you end up sick and have to see a doctor or worse, isn’t it now more expensive than if you would have hired a professional? Your health is important, and we advise people to look at their own stress level and factor it into the equation. People are usually too focused on the bottom line that they are missing the big picture.

DIY Painting Takes A Lot of Time

Most people don’t consider their time as a valuable commodity, either. If you have to watch over a contractor because they don’t seem to be that effective unless you’re watching, then it prevents you from doing other things that need to get done. When you hire a professional, you can leave him to do the job–and you can do what’s important for you. We believe that’s a great value to look for in a contractor. When you try to do it yourself, you may also be giving away a lot of your time for very little actual savings.

In the end of the day, trying to do a painting job by yourself will probably cost you more than hiring a professional if you consider all the other factors as part of your “costs.” We usually hear from other people that the headache and stress just isn’t worth it. We recommend that you give yourself some well deserved peace and hire a professional for your home painting job.

What It Means To Be A Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractor

One of the most important questions you can ask your potential contractor is if he and his workers are licensed and insured. It is of critical importance that you only work with contractors who answer in the affirmative–and have the documentation to back it up. The reason why is that any job that is done on your property in which an accident occurs, the owner of the property is liable, barring insurance held by the company doing the work that goes above and beyond your homeowner’s insurance.

The last thing you want is to be responsible for a major accident on your property. It can ruin your entire family for decades. Imagine a tragedy of someone falling off of your roof and having a life-threatening injury in which no one else has insurance, perhaps including you. The family will almost certainly sue the property owner, and now you and your family are at risk of losing everything that you have worked so hard to create.

The peace of mind that comes from working with professionals who are licensed and insured is inestimable. Truthfully, it’s the difference between fitful nights of tossing and turning in your bed to resting peacefully knowing that everything is being handled. This peace or agony is increased by the quality of the roofing contractor. If you make a good choice in your hiring of a contractor, your job can be a pleasure. Before you know it, the job is done and you have a brand new roof on your house that is in the envy of the entire neighborhood; however, turn the situation around and you have a horrible experience that you feel like you’ll never get out of.

Also, when you find out a company hires only professionals that are licensed and insured, it gives them a level of credibility that other companies lack. It can be used as a litmus test of sorts to make sure that it’s the kind of company or contractor with which it makes sense to do business. You have the right to know whether or not you are carrying liability, and never just take the contractor’s word for it.

Many roofing contractors will lie in order to get a deal. You have to call people on their bluff, sometimes, and if they get mad, then you also have new information that can help you decide if you really want to work with such a person or not. Contractors worth their salt will want you to be protected. They will spend the time it takes to make sure your questions are all answered, and they won’t rush you into hiring them for a job. We recommend that you go with experience each and every time. If a local roofing contractor has a reputation to protect, they will usually do a much better job than a no name company that is just trying to get more jobs.

What You Need To Know About A New Roof

Putting on a new roof is a major investment of time, money and your well-being. Most people feel the same way they do about working with contractors as they do about going to see a dentist–only if it’s an absolute must. We have this already present belief that it’s going to go badly, and if we can just minimize it, at least we can protect ourselves. Most people can’t even imagine a good experience with a contractor (or a dentist, for that matter).

Try it right now. Imagine that you meet with a contractor; he seems honest, has a lot of experience and doesn’t seem too eager to get the job. He has references available upon request, which he offers you. You decide to hire him, based on his rating with the Better Business Bureau and after checking up on customer feedback online, which is very positive.

He says he will start on Friday morning at 7am and that the job will be done by Sunday at noon. At ten minutes before 7am, he shows up at your house with his crew to begin–early! They work expeditiously, take a break, and go right back to work. At the end of the day, they put all the scraps in one neat pile out of the way of the public eye and out of your way.

The workers are all courteous and are not rushing to get the job done. On Sunday at 10am–early again!–the job is done. Before asking you for any money, he takes you to the roof and gives you a tour of your new roof and gives you an opportunity to ask him questions. After thirty minutes, you give him a check with a handshake and it’s done. You just had an amazingly easy experience with a contractor, and you have a wonderful new roof at a competitive price. Still pinching yourself? It’s not a dream; it’s actually possible.

So, first off you have to believe it’s possible to have a great experience with a contractor; otherwise, you are bound to bring in a bunch of negative feelings and expectations, which may just come true.

A new roof is a great value to your home, and it also can help you to sleep a little better at night. It is important to know that a bad roof can become very expensive–and quickly. Get an assessment of your roof so that you can have the peace of mind knowing what you need to do. It is too dangerous to take the chance that it will all work out. Find a professional roofing contractor to do your new roof today.

Remodeling Ideas That Every Homeowner Should Consider

Is Now The Right Time?

It’s an important consideration. Each family needs to decide whether they are ready to make the sacrifice for a renovation now. It’s not easy to have a crew of people working on your home. It’s noisy and messy, and your sleep is disrupted. One of the considerations that goes along with it is whether the contractor will finish on time. No one wants to have to deal with a mess for a month.

How Does One Choose A Contractor?

Choosing a contractor that is professional is crucial. It is easy to find contractors who can talk a great talk, but will they follow through? We suggest that you look for experience first. Ask to see before and after pictures and also ask for references. You want to go and see the homes of other people who have worked with this contractor to make sure they do quality work.

Look For Reputation

Reputation is also key. If a contractor or company has done a great job over time, and built a great reputation along with it, you can be pretty sure that they are going to want to keep that reputation going with you, as well. Contrast this with a new contractor without many clients or customer feedback online. You are basically throwing dice at a casino. You may have a great experience, but you may not. Do you really want to take this chance?

What Do I Remodel First?

We suggest that you look at what would make you happiest, combined with what is most practical and needed for your family. Is your family expanding? Do you need an addition? Or, do you need a new kitchen because you want to start having more dinner parties?

Will The Value Increase Be Worth It?

It’s important to wonder if your renovation will really add the appropriate value to your home to be worth it. The question is can you get the value back upon selling your home. It’s not an easy question, but part of it is whether your home is in the right area that has other homes that are selling at your price point.

Contact a remodeling professional to help find the best plan of action for your remodeling ideas. A professional will know how to get you started in the right direction. There are remodeling contractors that offer free consultations for homeowners that looking for help on creating their remodeling dreams into reality.

Simple Home Improvement Tips

We want to give you some of our latest and best tips on doing some home improvement in your house at an affordable price. Here are some of the most popular and easiest to implement renovations that you can make, as well as some helpful hints to help them become a reality.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Not all of your home improvements need a contractor, but just in case you feel like you’re over your head and want a real professional to do the job right, we have some ideas to help you choose the right contractor.

First off, you want to find a contractor that you can trust. There are so many contractors out there that roll up to your house, come in and take about five minutes to assess the situation, and then tell you that they can do the job at your price. They don’t even seem to care too much about what you want–but they can do it! We advise you to beware of these kinds of vult–we mean, contractors.

Especially if you’re in a rush to see some results in your house, you may not only sign a contract with one of these guys, but you may even give up to ½ up front! This is the biggest mistake you can make, and several out there have done just that. Inevitably, what happens is that since the contractor is just about getting jobs, he is not so focused on yours being successful; he really just wants your money.

And since he gets as many jobs as he can, it is likely that your job will be put in the waiting line because other jobs are way behind. Do not use these contractors. They will only cause you headaches. Look for the warning signs: making a quick once-over of your home and saying, “yes”; not asking too many questions; and asking for a sizeable portion of money upfront. We invite you to run in the opposite direction when you are searching for home improvement contractors.

Don’t Use Slate Tiles Indoors

Some people that slate tiles look good in the kitchen. It is an often made mistake, but slate is really meant to be laid outside on a porch, and not inside in a kitchen or somewhere else where it could cause people to stub their toe because they couldn’t see that one tile was well above another.

Preparation Before Painting

We invite you to do some planning before you’re ready for painting to begin. It’s important to cover your carpet and floors with some kind of large tarp or rug. You also want to make sure that you cover the moulding with tape. You do not need to worry about painting around the baseboards, as they are covered up.

Questions To Ask A Painting Contractor Before You Hire Them

1. Are you licensed and insured?

This may be the most important question that you ask your contractor. It goes for the company that you are working with and all of the individual painters, as well. The whole goal is to protect you and your family in this case that there is an injury on the job site. You want to be protected from liability, and this is the best way to do that. Do not hire a contractor who cannot prove these assertions with documentation, either.

2. Do you use the latest technology in painting?

Painting technology has changed so much recently. Brushes are moving to the back-burner and specialized sprays are now being used more and more, especially in exterior painting jobs. The advantages are speed and therefore cost. Professionals can do a painting job much quicker, and hence they can get to more jobs a week. However, it does take a professional to know what they are doing with this advanced technology, so the entire saving is not passed on the the consumer.

3. Do you have a reputation for quality work?

It is easy to pronounce, but who can prove it? We advise you to look at online forums and check out customer feedback with a company before hiring them. Ask your contractors when you meet them if they have a place to go check on their reputation. Another possibility is to check and see if they have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. That is important in knowing their long-term commitment to their customers.

4. How do you choose your painters?

We know that a lot of contractors hire very cheap labor and train them to do fast jobs, in order to make more money. We recommend that you choose a local painting contractor who only uses highly-trained and experienced painters for your job. A bad job can cause you stress and be a major drain on your finances. Go with the pros.

5. Do you guarantee your work?

Most of our painting contractors guarantee their work, and we suggest that you only hire a contractor that does, as well. A guarantee means that the job is not complete until the customer is satisfied. Period. Our selected painting contractors can do this because they have built a reputation for quality work, so people keep coming back to them, year after year. Also, it helps our contractors to know that there is no cutting corners. Our contractors don’t have that option because of the reputation standards we hold our painting experts to.

Five Mistakes Everyone Makes During A Home Improvement

Most rookie mistakes are related to one common theme: thinking you know more than you do. It can lead to some pretty disastrous results, but some people just have to learn the hard way. If that’s you, save your time and skip this article. Everyone else, we invite you to keep reading.

1. Choosing The Wrong Contractor

If you plan to use a contractor, selecting the wrong one can lead to endless hassles, stress, frustration and the desire to give up and even give in. You want to avoid this kind of contractor like the plague–because that’s what it will feel like if you actually hire someone that fits this mold. You will have wished that you never got into home improvement in the first place.

2. Rushing Into A Project

You don’t want to rush a project unless it’s a water pipe leak or some other emergency. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of making a dis-improvement in your home. No one wants that. Patience is a big key in doing home improvement. Some people want to go to the store and finish the job in one day; however, you want to get used to doing small parts of the job and then waiting a few days or even a week until the next weekend to complete it. As a rule of thumb, rushed jobs usually turn out looking pretty bad. Again, you don’t want that. It will definitely detract from the value of your home, too. A bad job is often worse than doing no job at all!

3. Making a Huge Mess

You really want to avoid making your home into a battleground. If you have a family, they definitely won’t appreciate having to wear combat boots around the house because you might have left sharp presents lying around. This mistake ties in nicely with the “don’t rush” advice. If you plan your steps carefully from the beginning, then there should be no reason to make a mess out of your house. In fact, if a job is so big that it will entail a huge mess, you’re probably over your head in the first place!

4. Not Asking For Help

This should be relatively obvious, but it’s a wonder how many people try to do it by their self. It’s really asking for trouble, especially with more complicated projects. Really, you just want to start the project by looking deeply within and asking yourself, “Am I kidding myself, or do I really know enough to open up this can of worms?” Be honest. If you don’t know what you’re doing, consult a friend, a neighbor, your local hardware store personnel or even youtube.

5. Not Consulting Their Wife First

This is the cardinal sin of them all. Your wife walks in after grocery shopping and other weekend errands to find you in the kitchen with the sink taken apart on the ground, with different sized pipes laying around and you scratching your head. For the health of your sink–and your marriage–we highly recommend that you proceed with caution and and ask permission before forgiveness.

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