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Choosing The Right Color for Interior Painting

Color shopping should be fun. Going to paint stores, mixing new paint colors, bringing home samples to try out, and imagining your home’s new look, is something every homeowner looks forward to. Follow these steps to make sure you choosing …

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Hiring An Insured Painting Contractor

It’s really important to hire a painting contractors that is insured–that goes for painting contractors and any other contractor that you may want to hire to do work on your house. It brings you a level of protection and security …

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5 Tips About Exterior Painting

1. Hire exterior painting experts Many painting companies will use interior painters for exterior jobs and exterior painters for interior jobs. This cheapens the difference between the two kinds of jobs, which take a very different skill set. Unless you …

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Hiring A Professional vs. DIY Painting

It may be tempting to do the job yourself. When you do it yourself, you can save so much money, right? Perhaps. But it also depends on how you value your time, stress level, marriage and money. For example, have …

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Questions To Ask A Painting Contractor Before You Hire Them

1. Are you licensed and insured? This may be the most important question that you ask your contractor. It goes for the company that you are working with and all of the individual painters, as well. The whole goal is …

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There are always questions that you want to ask a painting contractor before you hire them. This article highlights a five questions to ask a painting contractor before you hire them. These questions are examples of many that a homeowner should ask. These are always a good start to start asking the painting contractor.

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