Simple Home Improvement Tips

We want to give you some of our latest and best tips on doing some home improvement in your house at an affordable price. Here are some of the most popular and easiest to implement renovations that you can make, as well as some helpful hints to help them become a reality.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Not all of your home improvements need a contractor, but just in case you feel like you’re over your head and want a real professional to do the job right, we have some ideas to help you choose the right contractor.

First off, you want to find a contractor that you can trust. There are so many contractors out there that roll up to your house, come in and take about five minutes to assess the situation, and then tell you that they can do the job at your price. They don’t even seem to care too much about what you want–but they can do it! We advise you to beware of these kinds of vult–we mean, contractors.

Especially if you’re in a rush to see some results in your house, you may not only sign a contract with one of these guys, but you may even give up to ½ up front! This is the biggest mistake you can make, and several out there have done just that. Inevitably, what happens is that since the contractor is just about getting jobs, he is not so focused on yours being successful; he really just wants your money.

And since he gets as many jobs as he can, it is likely that your job will be put in the waiting line because other jobs are way behind. Do not use these contractors. They will only cause you headaches. Look for the warning signs: making a quick once-over of your home and saying, “yes”; not asking too many questions; and asking for a sizeable portion of money upfront. We invite you to run in the opposite direction when you are searching for home improvement contractors.

Don’t Use Slate Tiles Indoors

Some people that slate tiles look good in the kitchen. It is an often made mistake, but slate is really meant to be laid outside on a porch, and not inside in a kitchen or somewhere else where it could cause people to stub their toe because they couldn’t see that one tile was well above another.

Preparation Before Painting

We invite you to do some planning before you’re ready for painting to begin. It’s important to cover your carpet and floors with some kind of large tarp or rug. You also want to make sure that you cover the moulding with tape. You do not need to worry about painting around the baseboards, as they are covered up.

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