Hiring An Insured Painting Contractor

It’s really important to hire a painting contractors that is insured–that goes for painting contractors and any other contractor that you may want to hire to do work on your house. It brings you a level of protection and security just in case something were to happen while the job was going on. For example, if you hired a contractor for an exterior painting job, and someone fell off the ladder trying to get to a hard to reach spot way up high, if he’s not insured you and your family could be liable for the accident, his recovery and the costs that might be incurred if he decided to sue. Too many people have lost nearly everything because they made the one mistake of not making sure their contractor was insured before starting.

Is It Enough To Ask If My Contractor Is Insured?

No. You must ask for documentation. We repeat: you want to actually see the paperwork proving that he’s insured. Some contractors might ask you take their word for it–the paperwork being at home, lost or perhaps there is some other reason. That’s fine. Just tell them that you can’t hire them until they find it. We are confident that they will either find it very quickly, or you will never hear from them again. Unfortunately, not everyone tells the truth. Don’t be naive enough to believe someone and take their word on such an important and risky issue.

Do The Workers Need To Be Insured, Too?

Yes. Anyone who steps foot on the job site must be insured, and there must be corresponding paperwork to prove it. We also suggest that you check documentation to make sure that your contractor is a licensed contractor. A company who is legitimate will carry the proper documentation. It’s actually a great way to weed out the professional painting contractors from the rest. If a company or individual does not want to provide the proper paperwork, it’s a great way to pleasantly bow out of any proposed arrangement.

The risk is too great to go into business with someone who is either unlicensed or uninsured. There are so many other companies out that do have the proper documentation; we suggest that you use one of them. You may save money going with someone who is uninsured, but we ask you to consider if it’s really a risk worth taking. Sometimes, the way that appears cheaper at the onset ends up being a lot more expensive later on. The opposite can be true, as well. If your contractor tries to promise you the world and seems like he is all talk, he probably is. Proceed with exceptional caution.

Why Research A Roswell Roofer?

We know how busy most of our clients are and how difficult it seems to take the time out to do more than just use google to find your next Roswell Roofer. However, there are so many companies that use the internet now to advertise that you really don’t know who you’re hiring until you sometimes find out the hard way. We want to give you a few simple suggestions that can make all the difference in finding a reputable Roswell Roofer with which to work.

First off, you only want to hire a company that has at least ten years of experience in the roofing business. The reason why is you want a track record of quality service that can be confirmed by customers. One obvious benefit to look at is longevity. If a Roswell Roofer truly didn’t know what they were doing, they probably wouldn’t last in business for more than a year or so. If a company has been around a while, especially with the advent of internet blogs and customer forums for feedback, you can be rather confident that you are hiring a legitimately professional company that does great work. However, if you are choosing just based on a web page that you pull up, it’s almost like shooting craps at a casino–you may get really lucky, but on the other hand, you may go home broke.

We also suggest that you do the research to make sure your company hires only contractors who are licensed and insured. The reason is that you don’t want to risk any liability in the roofing project. However, many Roswell Roofers that are recently in business do not have the capital at the start to do this. You want to beware, because this kind of mistake could cost you and your family for a long time.

Lastly, we believe in the importance of a guarantee. What kind of guarantee does the Roswell Roofer offer, and how often do they keep their work? For example, do they finish when they said they would. We always commit ourselves to finishing a job on time; you can even ask what their policy is if they don’t. Some companies will actually give you some money back off the end of the deal if they are late on your project, notwithstanding weather-related delays. Call Roswell Roofing today, and we would be more than happy to let you know about our services. Work with a true professional Roswell Roofer.

Preparing To Renovate Your Home: “The 4 P’s”


There may be a lot of projects on your agenda, including different rooms and parts of the house. If you want to be successful in your renovations, you want to be very specific at the onset of what you want to accomplish and when. We suggest that you pick one project to do at a time. First off, prioritize which project would make the biggest immediate impact for you and your family. Consult your family in a private meeting and get them on board, too. It’s nice to have support as the project goes on, because otherwise the home environment can become a very stressful place. If you prioritize early, you can take down small projects one at a time.


The next step is to devise a plan. Create a list of what needs to be done and in what order. Then put some dates next to each of the action items. One suggestion is to be practical both with your time and with the scope of the project tasks. It’s probably not practical to do all of the shopping and take apart the sink in one day–at least not for most human beings who have other responsibilities, too. We advise you to take it slowly; it’s better to get one action item accomplished in a day than to try to do three items and either get burned out or do a terrible job or forget something important. It also depends on whether you hire a contractor for the job or do it yourself.


It definitely takes something to see a renovation through from start to finish. It will take you determination and a level head. Keeping your eye on the finish line can really be a value in getting over the mid-race bumps and frustrations of renovating your home. Anyone who has done a major renovation, in particular, will agree that it can cause stress not only to you, but also to your whole family. If you lose your cool, it is easier to let the whole project start to disintegrate. Be a finisher. See this project through the end, and you’ll be the rock star of your home!


Don’t forget to PLAY. If the renovation becomes all about money and being serious all the time, it can really take away the awesomeness of it. Have fun, make it a family goal, kind of like what going to the Moon was for the United States in the 60’s. If you all can accomplish this together, what can’t you accomplish? Play some music, order pizza and beer after a long day, crack jokes and dance while doing your renovations. Bring play to your renovation job and watch it go by much more quickly!

If you are in need of assistance on your renovation from professional contractor, be sure to browse our local home improvement contractors. All of our listed home improvement contractors are licensed to provide renovation services in the state that they reside in.

5 Questions To Ask A Remodeling Contractor Before You Hire Them

1. How many years of experience do you have in the industry?

You want to find out the reputation and experience of a company before you start to use them. Reputation matters. Of course, there are many companies online that you can talk to and each will give you a different figure for your renovation. But where do their numbers come from? With a professional company, you will get a detailed analysis of our price breakdown for a renovation job.

2. Are your subcontractors licensed and insured?

You want to make sure that you and your family is protected from liability from any accident that might occur during a job. We have heard numerous stories of clients who used contractors who were not insured, and it led to big problems later on. Only use workers from a company that can prove its credentials.

3. How much value have you added in other people’s homes?

You want to use a company that has a track record of helping to increase the value of people’s homes. You can find this information out by getting a list of the homes that a renovator has worked on and then talking to a real estate expert about which of those recently sold homes turned a profit based upon the cost of the room renovation. Many companies will actually publish this information, and all you have to do is ask for it. We don’t recommend using a company that does not provide this information upon request.

4. Do homes sell quicker with this renovation company?

It’s great to earn more money based on a renovation. Another question is how quickly it will help your home to sell. In this case, it usually depends on what kind of renovation you had done and what kind of neighborhood you live in. If your house is a two bedroom, one bath in an area that has a lot of two bathroom homes, you are probably going to want to get a bathroom renovation first.

5. Is this company invested in the customer’s success?

Commitment to your success may be most important. It depends on whether the company is more interested in getting a job and getting paid than they are about you having a successful outcome for your renovation. A good company will tell you when they think you’re making a big mistake.

We suggest that you look at which company has the staff that you can build a relationship with. In the end of the day, choosing a company is more than just who will do your next renovation job. It is about which company you want to work with, who will do a great job and that will really have your best interests at heart. Our remodeling contractors are happy to serve you. Call one of them in your area for your free assessment today!

Kitchen Remodeling: Three Items That Make A Kitchen Better

There are many ways to remodel a kitchen and lots of options. If you are unsure of exactly what you’re looking for, we suggest that you start going through kitchen remodeling magazines. It’s a great way to get ideas of what you like. Once you have those, take them to a kitchen remodeling company and show them your ideas. Take some mental notes to make sure that they are listening to what you really want, instead of just talking about what they can do for you and for what a great price. There are too many contractors out there who would rather get your deposit for your remodeling deal than actually follow-through on a great quality job.

How To Sniff Out Bad Contractors

One of the worst possible scenarios is not picking the wrong flower arrangement for your kitchen walls or the wrong tile color for your floor–it’s choosing the wrong contractor. We have several suggestions to help you choose between local remodeling contractors who will do a great job on your kitchen remodeling project. We suggest that you go with an established company that has a long history of doing quality work for its customers.

One of the great things about remodeling is that you can ask for before and after pictures to really get a sense of the work. Before you hire anyone, you want to make sure that they are the type of company who will do a job right and not just cover over old jobs with their layer of materials. It’s also a great to get ideas from neighbors who recently had their kitchens or bathroom remodeled. Word of mouth is a powerful form of advertising, and a reliable one, as well.

Floor, appliances and painted walls can turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen. These are three areas of your kitchen that others will notice fast and ones that will increase the value of your home the most. There is a large selection of flooring materials that you can use, including slate, tile, linoleum and a new kind of tile that is made of plastics.

We do not recommend that anyone use linoleum; it can actually decrease the value of your home. Tile is usually the way to go, while slate is more useful for your patio area than your inside of the your kitchen, as it easily breaks off into small pieces and can injure your foot. With respect to appliances, it all depends on what your budget can afford, but modern appliances, especially stainless steel ones, can radically shift the look of your kitchen into a modern one. Finally, fixing old drywall and putting up a fresh coat of paint in warm colors can turn your kitchen into the gathering place that it is meant to be.

Basement Remodeling: Creating A Man Cave

Every man’s dream: their own Man Cave. If you have a basement that has been collecting dust for years, why not turn it into a space that can be yours to do with as you wish. What’s more, you can add tremendous value to your home by remodeling your basement. In fact, if you ever want to make some money on the side, you can always consider renting it out to a tenant.

Depending on if your basement has a dirt floor or is already floored with concrete, your renovation will differ in price, accordingly. However, turning a basement that has a crawl space and modernizing it can bring up to $50,000 of additional value to your home.

Now, just as a great renovation job can add value to your home, the wrong renovation job can detract value from your house. That’s a reason why you want to make sure to use a reputable company for your basement renovation.

Before you get your renovation started, make sure you do some research. First off, call to make sure that the companies you are thinking of using are reputable. Do they have a decade or more of experience? Are they licensed and insured? Do they use professionals for their work? Do they guarantee their work?

These are important questions to ask before you put down a deposit. Many people have made the mistake of paying half up front and then watch as their contractor disappears for several weeks doing more important jobs. You want to make sure that there is a guarantee of when your job will be complete, and penalties for the company if it’s not done on time. This assures you that you are working with a reputable company.

Our local remodeling contractors will seek to create partnerships with their clients. Our professionals realize that you may need more remodeling help down the road, so we seek to become the type of company and do the kind of job that will have you coming back to us for your next job, as well. In our business, customers are our number one asset. We know that our contractor’s reputation hinges on their last job, so if they do a substandard job with you, that reputation will get back to back to them. For this reason, we make sure our contractors will do everything they can to ensure that you have a basement renovation that exceeds your expectations.

Depending on your vision, our local remodeling contractors can create many different options for your basement to find one that will work for your budget. We recommend that you outfit it with a bathroom to make it possible to rent it out in the future. These professionals are here to serve you and look forward to designing your Man Cave for you to enjoy for years.

Norcross Painters

Our staff of Norcross Painters does quality work. In fact, we stand behind what we do so much that we guarantee you that you will be satisfied by our job. Whether it is an elegant living room or a library that needs touching up and a new coat, or the entire exterior needs to be redone, we have the right team of Norcross Painters to serve you.

Our motto is to do the job right, the first time, on time.  We stand by that motto. Customers love it when they can find a contractor that means what they say; we don’t just meet expectations–it’s our goal to exceed them!  Our Norcross Painters have a commitment to our customers and to our own team. To the customers, our commitment is a quality product at an affordable price. To ourselves, we are committed to build relationships with our clients that go beyond the job itself. We hope that it starts a future relationship where you feel like you can count on our Norcross Painters for all of your painting needs.

Norcross Painters: Choosing Experts

One of the reasons why our Norcross Painters are seen as experts is because we carefully screen all of our Norcross Painters to ensure your safety and to protect you from possible liability. You will not find a company out there that is more careful about choosing its Norcross Painters than us.  We know that you are giving us access into your home or office space, and we want to be as professional as a crew as you’ve seen. You have our word that we will conduct ourselves appropriately at all times; in fact, we aim to be pleasant and appreciative.  Let us know how we’re doing!

Norcross Painters: Choosing Specialists

How do you choose Norcross Painters that are specialists? You ask questions. Many companies don’t have to lie, because no one asks them about their staff.  We tell everyone to make sure that your prospective company hires only Norcross Painters that are licensed and insured as part of a company that is bonded. This is to protect you! We also know that companies that do hire these credentialed folks tend to be much more professional and care about doing quality work.

Finding Norcross Painters: Free Consultation

So, go ahead and call us. We’ll come out and do your assessment for free. We will also work out an option that fits your needs.  It’s not often that you can sit down with an expert for free, so we advise you to take advantage of it! After the job is complete we’ll also have our Norcross Painters sit down with you to make sure the job went satisfactorily and to complete any small things before we leave. We only leave when the job is done, and that is our commitment to you. We bring our years of experience and reputation, and we hope that you will give us a chance to see what a quality company like ours can do for you!

How To Avoid The Money Pit Of A Renovation

Many people go into a renovation project excited and hopeful. Most end up stressed, disappointed and aggravated before it even ends. How do you make it a positive process that doesn’t run your bank account dry?

Go Small, Not Big: Having A Defined Endgame

Most people have big ideas when it comes to renovating their house. They want to renovate the entire kitchen, including cabinets, sink, tiling and fixtures–all at once. Now, this is possible if you have the right contractor working for you. However, sometimes it’s good to start with a small job to see how true your contractor is to his or her word. Then, as you develop trust, you can expand the project into something bigger. Many people hire a contractor who then changes the price down the road because other “problems” just happened to pop up. By then, you’re strung along for the ride. It’s a horrible feeling, we know.


Make sure to get at least three estimates before you hire any contractor. Furthermore, it’s your opportunity to interview them, so come with some questions. We suggest that you ask for a breakdown of all materials for the job, as well get some basics: insurance coverage, licensing documentation, background checks on employees, etc. It can easy to be persuaded by a charismatic contractor who makes you feel like everything you want is possible at some unreasonable price. You agree and because he’s being so good and helpful, you agree to give him half of the cost of the whole job–upfront! This is one of the worst things that you can possibly do, and you will probably find yourself without a paddle (you know where).

Get a Recommendation

We suggest that you look for a remodeling contractor that someone in your network of family, friends or neighbors has worked with, successfully. It is much easier than playing the internet research game, making dozens of phone calls and sifting through the riff-raff of contracting companies. Also, nothing beats reputation. If a company does a good job for someone you know, there’s a good chance they value referrals and are going to want to do an outstanding job for you, as well. In this day and age, reputation is everything. You can be very successful by providing a quality service in a consistent and professional manner.

A Guarantee In Writing

You also want to get a guarantee that your estimate will be the estimate for the whole project. Make sure to get this in writing. Some companies play that trick of low-balling you, hooking you in and then the price goes up dramatically during the project for an “unforeseen” chain of events that was, of course, beyond their control. Don’t fall for this trap; protect yourself!

Alpharetta Interior Painting

Searching for a company that provides Alpharetta Interior Painting? We provide interior painting for homes and commercial properties. One of the advantages of finding an expert that provides interior painting is the attention to detail that the expert will make. Interior painting is not just an average paint job.

Most homeowners would think that interior painting is the easiest projects of home improvement. This is actually far from true. Alpharetta Interior Painting can be a mess if someone is not use to the mistakes that can be made during the project. There can be all types of mistakes that a novice will make like accidentally getting paint on the white ceiling. We see this all the time with other professionals that hire day laborers to work on their team.

The last thing you want to do is hire a professional to provide Alpharetta Interior Painting. Then find out the professional is not a professional at all and you end up with paint splotches in other areas where there shouldn’t be. We suggest asking questions about how the professional will prevent from unwanted paint drips or paint marks.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional For Interior Painting

  1. What kind of tape will you use to tape of the ceiling or crown molding?
  2. What do you use to protect the carpets before painting?
  3. How many interior painting projects have you done?
  4. Can you refer other Alpharetta Homeowners that have hired you?
  5. What do you to resolve paint drippings?  
The questions are just the start. There are probably more that you could ask. Be sure to be thorough with your questions and request direct answers. There is no need for vague answers from a painting professional. The more you know before the start of the project the better the project will go. 

Alpharetta Painting has an extensive background with Interior Painting for Alpharetta homes. We know the difference between a quality service that makes your visitors say “wow” and the headaches of paint drippings all over the place. We are dedicated to providing a service that could be displayed in a reputable home improvement magazine.

5 Tips About Exterior Painting

1. Hire exterior painting experts

Many painting companies will use interior painters for exterior jobs and exterior painters for interior jobs. This cheapens the difference between the two kinds of jobs, which take a very different skill set. Unless you can confirm that the painters have a high level of training in each of the two disciplines, we recommend that you use a specialist for exterior painting only. This will insure that you get the highest quality work for your painting job.

2. Use Low VOC paint

Today, we have more options for low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint. This is significant for anyone who would rather not have the noxious chemicals used on their home. One of the problems with VOC’s is that they keep emitting chemicals long after the paint dries. This means that anyone who comes into close contact with the exterior walls of the house is susceptible to breathing in those chemicals on a regular basis.

3. Licensing and Insurance

One of the most important criteria of hiring local painting contractors is to make sure that they are licensed and insured. Especially for an exterior painting job, in which guys on ladders hang sometimes more than twenty feet off the ground to do their job, you are going to want to check their documentation to make sure everything is legitimate. This is really to protect you and your family in the case of an accident. Without this paperwork, your family could actually be sued by the company you hired to do the job! Avoid this by hiring only documented workers.

4. Reputation

Reputation is everything. If a company has a great reputation, there is all the more reason for it to want to keep providing quality service. Any lapse in service is becoming harder and harder for a company to hide. No longer able to simply rest on their laurels, the folks at this company will most likely do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied.

5. Commitment to Service

We believe that second to expert performance, the most important trait you can look for in your exterior painters is commitment to service. Anyone can do a good exterior painting job, but a great company goes beyond the job and cares about its customers’ actual needs, desires and dreams. This is the start of a relationship with customers. As a company begins to be seen as partners, there is a level of trust that is developed that can lead to many other jobs in the future. When a company cares about your long-term connection to them, it’s a great thing for consumers, because it means you will be getting a superior service at a competitive rate.

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