Cleaning A Roof After A Storm

After a big storm, there is usually a lot of debris around your yard. You want to make sure to go up and take a look at your roof, as well. Sometimes, there may not be a big branch or limb that has fallen on your roof, but you still may have a problem. All it takes is a lot of wind and a floating piece of debris to hit your roof in just the right way, and you may have some missing tiles or shingles and be susceptible to a leak.

It certainly is easier to look up from the ground to see if there is a problem without going up on your roof. But we guarantee you that there are issues that you can never see without grabbing a ladder. Of course you can get up and check for yourself, but after a strong storm you might consider calling a professional to inspect your roof, especially if there are any leaks in your home.

Other than picking up limbs, we don’t suggest that you use any tools to clean your roof. It’s simply too dangerous to work on a roof if you’re not a trained professional with the right equipment. For example, many injuries become more serious because homeowners will go on top of their roof with no one else at home. Then, they have an accident and there is no one to call to get medical assistance, potentially causing a smaller issue to become a major one. Trained professionals never do a job alone; therefore, they always have someone to come to their rescue if they need someone.

If any trees went down in your neighborhood, there is a greater likelihood that there might be roof damage on your roof. Whenever sustained winds move above 40 mph, it is a good idea to get your roof checked. The combination of rain, wind and debris can cause a “perfect storm” that can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Our selected Atlanta Roofing Contractors can come over and do a quick survey to let you know if there is any damages to your roof. If you hire us later down the road, we can subtract some of the expenses of our inspections against the cost of the new roofing job. Our contractors realize that roofing jobs are expensive, and they want to create partnerships that will last a long while. For this reason, they go out of our way to create a relationship with their clients that make them feel valued. If you have not worked with a professional roofing company before, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and care that they bring to every job.

Missing Shingles Call A Roofing Expert

If you discover some shingles missing on your roof, you may start to wonder, how long have they been missing? Without regular maintenance checks, you really have no way of knowing. You also have no way of knowing what kind of damage might already have been done to your ceilings, walls or floors in your house. You definitely want to call someone instead of trying to replace missing shingles yourself. First off, it’s a hazard for you to be doing that kind of work unless you are a qualified professional–and you’re not. You don’t have the right tools, most likely, and unless you’re working with a buddy, you’re doing it alone and that is dumb. If something were to happen, you’d really be all alone with no one to help you.

The reason why you don’t want to wait on repairing or replacing missing shingles is that the next heavy rain or storm can even further the amount of damage to your home. Then, you’ll have to get out the rain buckets and race around the house trying to collect it as it starts to get water-logged in your walls and ceilings. Why wait until this kind of mess? Instead of waiting until the next storm, we highly recommend that you take steps to get your roof under control the moment that you know there is something wrong.

Another reason to take care of your roofing shingles is that it compromises the insulation index of your home. Particularly if it’s in the summer or winter, you want to keep energy bills low; a roof that lacks integrity is one that allows cool air to escape and can trap in hot air in the summertime.

Your roof is really the lid of your home. Without a well-operating roof, it’s like going camping with a tent that has no top. Do you think you’d sleep very well? Probably not. The same is true for your home. It is easy to take for granted while it’s working, but if you had to live without one for more than a day or two, you would feel the inconvenience and it would have a very frustrating impact on your life.

We recommend that you don’t take chances with your roof–or with your family. The moment you have a suspicion that there may be a problem with your roof, you can either go up to get a better picture of the situation, or you can just call a roofing expert to come over and see what is going on. If you don’t have a contractor, it would be good to find out who your neighbors have been using that has been reliable and known for quality work at a competitive price.

Remodeling Infographic

There is nothing better than a Remodeling Infographic that helps make Remodeling information interesting. This remodeling infographic has illustrated all types of information about remodeling. There is information about all types of remodeling ideas, remodeling financing, and percentages of what people remodel.

As this Remodeling Infographic describes, remodeling can be a great investment if planned correctly. Planning a remodeling project will make things go smoothly. The more a homeowner is involved in the planning and preparation of the project, the better the remodeling project will go. Now, we aren’t suggesting smothering a contractor(s). We are suggesting being actively involved on following up and asking a lot of thorough questions. The last thing any contractor wants is a pesky homeowner. At the same time, an involved owner makes contractors stay on-time on a project.

List of Remodeling Ideas on The Remodeling Infographic:

  • Going Green – Solar Panels can reduce the costs of a homes energy bill. 
  • Redecorating – Painting, Decorating, or re-organizing a room can make a room look new. 
  • Room Additions – This can add value to a home and add an new environment for the family.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – Remodeling an existing kitchen can bring life to family dinners. 
  • Landscaping – Curb Appeal can change how visitors view your home.  

Take a look a our Remodeling Infographic for an illustrated picture about Remodeling.

Remodeling Infographic

Seven Home Improvement Mistakes Homeowners Make

Home improvement: how can an idea so right, go so wrong? We have all heard horror stories of construction projects gone awry. Luckily for us, we have their mistakes to learn from. Here are some ways homeowners can get themselves in trouble, ways that you won’t.

Starting a project without the money to finish it- Remember, construction projects ALMOST ALWAYS go over budget. A home owner who accepts a bid because they have just enough saved up to pay for the job is buying a losing lottery ticket. Material costs change, hidden structural issues crop up, extra fees seem to come out of nowhere, and if you, the owner do not have the money to cover it, you will have an unhappy contractor and an unfinished project. I wouldn’t call that home improvement.

Hiring the wrong contractor- Choosing between contractors is the point in a project where the homeowner holds all the cards, it’s okay to dream big. Homeowners should expect a contractor with the right price point, good communication, proper licenses, and a quick turnaround time. Figure out your needs and find the person who will meet them, once you have made a decision the momentum makes it much harder to turn back. This one of seven mistakes homeowners make during a home improvement that homeowner make all the time.

Disengaging once Construction Begins- A home improvement project should be a manifestation of the homeowner’s vision, not their contractor’s. Two reasonable people looking at words written on a piece of paper can have a very different idea of what something will look like once it becomes three dimensional. Make sure to monitor progress and if you don’t like the way things are going, speak up.

Not consulting your wife- The Green Bay Packers are not coming over to BBQ. They aren’t coming over to practice, or watch the game on TV. They do not care if the whole house is slathered green and yellow with cute little football shaped handles on the kitchen cabinets. But your family just might. Safe yourself the drama, and make sure your idea of a “home improvement” is shared by the whole team.

Sacrificing Quality for Savings- This mistake and the next one happen when house owners forget that they are home owners. Going for savings can cost you on many levels. Hiring a contractor who bids low can lead to huge cost overruns or even having to take someone to court to cover the cost of fixing faulty work. Choosing materials and appliances that are cheaper in the short run can cost money in the long run when they wear out. And finally, a homeowner’s sense of pride is one of his/her most valuable assets. Making your home a place you love to be and that you are proud to show off, is worth every penny of added expense.

Overemphasizing Resale Value- Very few home improvements will, on their own, pay for themselves when you resell the house. When you undertake a home improvement project, don’t do it to make a buck. Instead think of the value that having the home of your dreams will provide, and multiply that across all the years of enjoyment you have to look forward to.

Getting in over your head on a DIY- Whenever I begin a home improvement project, images of Tom Hanks laughing maniacally, driven mad by the demands of home repair, in the movie “The Money Pit” dance through my head. Small projects are one thing, but home improvements that deal with the structural integrity of the home or electrical projects that can put your safety at risk, are better left to local home improvement contractors that have the qualifications to help you complete the project with out all the mistakes.

Marietta Kitchen Remodeling

You have been dreaming about it for years. A new kitchen. Bigger. Much bigger. It has an island, natural light and brand new appliances. You have seen it over and over when you close your eyes.  Well, we want you to know that it’s time to make that Marietta Kitchen Remodeling dream into a reality!  And, we want to help you. Whether it is a major or a minor Marietta Kitchen Remodeling project, let our professionals help. We have been doing expert work in the Marietta area for years, and we know how to make our customers happy. We do it again and again, year after year by starting with key core values: quality, professionalism and an amazing service standard. These are just words until action puts them into play. And our actions speak loudly. Hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. You can see pictures of our Marietta Kitchen Remodeling upon request, as well as get some references of our past jobs.

Marietta Kitchen Remodeling:  Choose the Experts

You have been come this far with a quality vision. Why sell out your dream now and choose a Marietta Kitchen Remodeling company that doesn’t have a great track record or public customer feedback that is readily accessible. We believe that any company that is worth its salt will give you access to their customers’ level of satisfaction. Nowadays, it is easier to find out about companies through sites that track comments by customers. If a company does not register, we recommend that you pass up and use another company that does. If you want the job done right, you have to hire Marietta Kitchen Remodeling experts. We are the experts, and we can promise you that you will have a custom kitchen that meets or exceeds your expectations if you hire us for the Marietta Kitchen Remodeling job.

Marietta Kitchen Remodeling: Should I wait?

If you’re not sure whether to wait or not, it’s a good idea to call us and get an assessment of the Marietta Kitchen Remodeling project. We will send one of our experts to your home to sit with you and find out exactly what you want for your future kitchen. Then, we will bring in some reality and give you the different options that might work for both your kitchen and your wallet. Call us for your consultation about Marietta Remodeling today!

Marietta Bathroom Remodeling

You have finally decided it’s time to expand that bathroom and you’re looking for the right contractor to handle your Marietta Bathroom Remodeling. Our company has been remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and about everything else for over ten years.  It can be stressful–the whole experience of selecting the right contractor for your Marietta Bathroom Remodeling, and then staying relaxed through the completion of the project, as your home becomes a construction site.  We understand the stresses it can cause to a family, and that is one of the reasons why we believe professionalism, commitment and service can make all of the difference.

Some companies start jobs but then get so busy on another “priority” that it leaves you and your family in the scene of a bad movie for a week or two weeks longer than you had planned. With proper planning and the right company to guide your Marietta Bathroom Remodeling, this whole situation can be completely avoided! We are here to give customers a new experience with their Marietta Bathroom Remodeling and other remodeling projects. We know that your home is your sanctuary and we treat it with respect. Our company is based on the above values, and we stand by them and incorporate them into our work. We want to create a beautiful bathroom while at the same time being as unobtrusive as possible to you and your family.

Marietta Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

We can make your next Marietta Bathroom Remodeling easy, not stressful. Let us show you a new way of doing remodeling. Each of our team members is well-trained and has years of experience in their subspecialty. Furthermore, we check out all of our employees to make sure they clear their background checks. We do not want to endanger your family by being careless. Other companies, however, may not be so vigilant in protecting and keeping up your personal security. We know there are many companies who let workers on the site that are not insured or licensed. The end result is that you, the customer, are then liable if anything happens. Avoid this and use our Marietta Bathroom Remodeling service today. We will provide you an exceptional level of service–guaranteed!

Home Improvement: Fixing Electrical Issues Immediately

According to, over 2,500 people die from housefires in the United States every year. Many of these house fires are due to electrical issues which are both preventable and correctable. Fixing electrical issues immediately as you proceed with your home improvement project will keep your home happily humming along and keep it safe for your and your family.

An Ounce of Prevention

What’s the best way to fix an electrical issue? Keep it from happening. As you work on your home, every step is an opportunity to follow common sense precautions and make your home safer from electrical hazards.


Any outlet installed in a potentially wet area of your home should have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These are designed to cut off power quickly when moisture is creating an electrical hazard. Use them in bathrooms, near sinks, and outdoors.

Appliances and Light Bulbs

Make sure any used appliances you install are in good working order and that the cords are not severed or cracked. Plug appliances that use a lot of juice, such as refrigerators and dryers into grounded outlets. If appliances start making strange noises, turning on and off, sparking, or smoking, that’s a very good warning sign that they need to be unplugged and inspected.

Install light bulbs that are rated appropriately for the fixture or appliance that you are using them for. That new crystal chandelier impress many guests if it overloads its circuit.

Labeling Your Circuit Breakers

To prepare for electrical issues, do yourself the favor of labeling the circuit breakers in your house. Get a partner to work with you, one of you should flip off breakers while the other one reports back on which outlets and lights are affected. This will enable you to quickly get a circuit back up and running when it is tripped.

When The Power Goes Out

If the power goes out to your whole house, perk up, at least it’s not your fault. This is very likely an issue with your local utility. Give them a call to report the problem and get updates on when it should be fixed.

When A Circuit Is Tripped

If the corded drill you are using in the living room goes dead, but the refrigerator in the kitchen is still humming, you have probably triggered the circuit breaker. Since you have labeled your breakers, it should be no problem to get the power back, but then you need to figure out why the power went out. If you are using a power tool and when you turn it on again, it trips the circuit breaker, you need to either plug in somewhere else, or reduce the electrical load being carried by the circuit to other lights and appliances. When working in a room with a space heater, unplugging it can make a large amount of electricity available for other purposes.

Aside from overloading the circuit, faulty wiring can also play a role in tripping a breaker. Check your tools, lights, and extension cords to see if any of the insulation is cracked or melted. The smell of smoke can also indicate the location of faulty wiring. Be sure to unplug any cord before attempting a repair.

If, when you reset the breaker, it trips again immediately, this is probably due to loose wiring in the house. Unless you are a trained electrician, do not dig in to the walls and fix the wiring. Amateurs playing around with their home’s wiring can electrocute themselves and/or create long term hazardous conditions. Call a local home improvement contrator to help resolve these issues.

The Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas

These Home Improvement ideas are sure to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Remember Home Improvement projects can make a impact on the valure of your home and the environment of your home.

Bathroom Grout– The bathroom is where we read, bathe, and admire ourselves in the mirror. For us to look our best in the bathroom mirror, our bathrooms have to be at their best. For tile bathrooms that have seen better days, take a look at the grout between the tiles. Sometimes the problem is old, dirty grout and not the tiles at all. By scraping out the old grout and putting new grout in, we can have the bathroom looking fresh and clean at little cost.

Personalize Kitchen Cabinets– This is a bigger investment than a little grout for the bathroom, but the payoff is bigger as well. Kitchens are such a personal space that the design needs to be updated to match the needs of its every day users. Cabinets can be the kitchen’s major space saver or its major space user. A microwave “cook” will want small cabinets that allow light to fill the kitchen and make it feel uncluttered. A gourmand will desire a much more extensive cabinet collection so the room does not fill with haphazard clutter. Built in cabinetry saves space, looks classy, and is worth the extra investment for a cook who will make use of them. As with food presentation, cabinetry presentation tells a story to guests about what to expect from a kitchen. Make it a good one.

Backyard Deck and Barbecue– Backyard decks are one of the few home improvements that if kept in good repair will fully pay for themselves when the house is sold. Packaged with an enclosed porch, and a quality grill, this improvement will make your house the neighborhood’s center of attention.

Solar Hot Water Heaters– While photovoltaic solar electricity gets most of the pub, solar water heaters are actually a much more efficient use of solar energy.  They are only a good investment when the time comes to replace your old conventional water heater. But when that time does come, there are few investments you can make in a home that are more likely to pay themselves back over a lifetime. A solar water heater will begin to pay for itself with lower water energy bills immediately. Combine those energy savings with federal tax incentives available to reduce the initial sticker shock and the good mojo that comes from being an environmentally responsible homeowner, and a solar heater is sure to warm things up around the house. Before making this purchase, be sure to get an appraisal of your home’s solar potential.

Use Lighting to Enhance Your Home– The days of elementary school style flourescent tube lights are numbered. They feel unnatural and intrusive for almost any activity, yet many homes still feature them throughout. With so many options on the market today, your lighting should speak to the character of your home.  Compact florescent bulbs are available everywhere, very inexpensive, and highly energy efficient. Use them under a lampshade to soften their harsh light. The lighting industry is rapidly developing new LED lights for the home as well. When the kinks get worked out, these will be even more efficient than CFLs and last for years. Find ways to install your new lights above cabinets, under counter tops, and in decorative light fixtures. This will enhance the drama and visual appeal of your home dramatically.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to work on home improvement projects, you never are available to finish on time or with the right craftsmanship. There are times were hiring a professional to help you with Roswell Home Improvement is better than letting a project prolong.

5 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

As a home experts, we know that home improvement projects can be fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful. We have come up with a few tips to help our readers with Home Improvement projects. Each tip will bring another view point to look at your home improvement goals and ideas.

There are many paths to the same goal- When planning a home improvement project, set out with an idea of where you want to end up and then consider the options to get there. For instance, if the goal is to brighten up your home’s drab and dark kitchen, sure, installing a skylight may be the most dramatic improvement but it’s almost certainly not the most cost effective. Consider repainting the walls or putting a lighter finish on your wood cabinets. Replacing dark linoleum flooring with a lighter color or laminate can brighten the room up as much as installing new windows. If you have considered all options and the skylight still seems like the best idea, then by all means splurge on what will make you happy.

Consider cosmetic improvements in addition to structural ones- As you continue to focus on the end goal, keep in mind that just as not every illness requires surgery, not everything wrong with your home requires construction. Sure, the living room seems overcrowded with stuff, but will an addition fix the problem or will you simply buy more stuff to fill it with? Before making a drastic change, consider alternatives. What would it look like if you bought a smaller coffee table or skinnier bookshelves? Hiring an interior decorator to help with your vision can free up as much space as a knocking down a wall.

Learn about your house- Homes hold all kinds of secrets. If your house has been around a few decades, take the time to learn about its history. Based on the period it was built, you may find that there are likely hardwood floors hiding under the linoleum, or oak walls behind that tacky kitchen wallpaper. On the flip side, there are also dangers lurking in many old homes. Materials like asbestos and lead paint are critical to know about and protect yourself from before engaging in any major work on your home.

Home improvements can lower your utility and tax bills- The federal government offers a tax credit of 30% of the materials cost for installing alternative energy equipment such as solar hot water heaters and wind turbines. By qualifying for these tax credits you can save money on taxes and energy use. Homeowners should also keep track of any amounts spent on improving the value of their homes. These can reduce the amount of profit you pay taxes on when sellig your home.

Don’t neglect your exterior- Improving your home’s landscaping can be an inexpensive way to receive a wealth of benefits. Planting tall, shade providing trees next to your home can beautify the house while reducing your summer air conditioning bill. Building a trellis up the side walls will provide a place for pretty and delicious climbing plants to grow, both feeding your family and protecting your home from the elements. Replacing a grassy lawn with xeriscaping is not only visually attractive and trendy, it will also drop your water bill dramatically.

There times that home improvements can get out of hand. We know that hiring an expert can help the stress of a project disappear. We have researched a local Roswell home improvement contractor to help you with your home in Roswell, Georgia.

Roswell Home Improvement Contractor Licensed

Roof Maintenance Tips and Advice

Hire a professional: Most people looking for a roofer, nowadays, simply google “roofer” and maybe “contractor” until they find a list of hundreds of people in their area. Then, they go with the highest on the ranking sheet and call. The problem with this strategy is that it doesn’t show anything about a company if they merely rank high. You also want to be assured that they have the reputation to back it up!

Roswell Roofing has been in business for more than ten years, with over two hundred satisfied customers. We can be seen with a high rating (A+) with the Better Business Bureau, and if you go online and look us up in online forums, you will see that our customers attest to our fine work, great service and professionalism. Unless a company can offer at least two of these three categories in a convincing manner, we suggest you move on.

The reason why is because of how important of an investment a roofing job truly is. We know that you don’t want to get involved with a contractor who makes big promises, but then finds it hard to deliver. We have heard many stories from customers who came to us because the job of the contractor that was working on their roof was unfinished and had no specific timetable by which it was to be completed. How frustrating we know it is for clients to have rubble in their driveway for several weeks! What if it rains heavily in the meantime?

We won’t stand by and do someone else’s roof and make you a secondary priority in our company. The job that we are on is always our top priority, and you can be sure that we will not put you on a waiting list to have your roof completed. We believe, first and foremost, in commitment to customer service. We know that when we do our job effectively that customers will refer us and people will come back year after year to work with us. We know because that is exactly the kind of relationship that we have developed with our customers.

When you are ready for a quality roofing job, call the Roswell Roofing experts to get a free estimation, as well as a consultation, to find out about our services and how we may be able to serve you. Sometimes, you don’t need a new roof; a simple repair job can do. Call to find out more information about Roof Maintenance Tips and Advice.

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