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This constitutes a contract for services with WhoknowsaWebGuy (WKWG). The Terms and conditions set forth herein and the front side hereof are agreed by the signer. Work will begin upon receipt of the agreed service payment for this Service Agreement including set-up or material fees when applicable.

Recurring Monthly Invoicing Schedule & Payments:
When applicable, recurring monthly service payments will be charged to the Client’s major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) held on file and automatically debited the 1st of each month or bill date for the specified term after which time: contracted services will automatically renew on a month to month term and the Client may opt-out by sending WKWG a 30 day advance written notice of cancellation of service. All outstanding balances are due at cancellation of recurring services. Fees associated with Client declined credit card or bank account transaction will be invoiced to the client. Invoices unpaid within 5 business days will be charged a late fee of $25 plus. Failure to pay invoices within 30 days will result in deactivation of Whoknowsawebguy services and cause your service, website and/or content management tools to be inaccessible via the Internet. A service restoration fee of $35 will be charged upon reactivation of your Web Hosting Service Account.. WKWG reserves the right to increase monthly service fees based on increased difficulty or changes the search engines require for ranking. The client will be notified with a 30 day notice of any increase of fees and will have the right to cancel if the fees do not meet the clients budget. Copies of all invoices are emailed to the primary and/or designated Client account contact(s).

Website Content & Materials:
The Client must ensure that all material and data placed on the server via the Site Manager CMS is in a condition that is "web ready," which is in a form requiring no additional manipulation by WKWG. WKWG will make no effort to validate any of this information for content, correctness or usability. If materials are not "web ready", WKWG may reject this material. WKWG will notify the Client of its refusal of the material and afford you the opportunity to modify the material to satisfy WKWG’s requirements. Use of the Services requires a certain level of knowledge in the use of Internet websites and content for web pages. This level of knowledge varies depending on the anticipated use and desired content of the website. If you do not have the necessary knowledge to create and maintain the website WKWG can offer web content management services, additional fees may apply. The Client is responsible for the intellectual ownership and rights of the creator of the content displayed (published) on the website including all materials delegated to WKG for use in the design and development of the website. WKWG is not responsible for the integrity of, royalties, or the collection of permissions for usage of content you publish on the websites.

Miscellaneous Provisions:
Though WKWG has expert experience and a high success rate of generating traffic, search engine ranking, leads, sales and return on investment online many success factors are not in the control of WKWG therefore WKWG does not guarantee the results that can or will be achieved. The signor understands that WKWG will submit to the Search Engines such as Google, but those Search Engines are the decision makers of when the ranking will be began and this process can take 14 to 30 days. The signer agrees that he/she has the authority to sign this agreement as the Client or as a representative of the Client in his/her individual capacity. WKG reserves the right to decline any request for a refund. If the request is approved, WKWG reserves the right to refund the amount partial or full to be paid in a 30 day to 60 day pay cycle. By signing the Client agrees that he or she has read and understands the description and terms in this Service Agreement and hereby engages their organization to begin all work, services and payments as described herein. This proposal is valid for 30 days from receipt.

I agree to the WKWG Terms & Conditions detailed above.

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