5 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

As a home experts, we know that home improvement projects can be fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful. We have come up with a few tips to help our readers with Home Improvement projects. Each tip will bring another view point to look at your home improvement goals and ideas.

There are many paths to the same goal- When planning a home improvement project, set out with an idea of where you want to end up and then consider the options to get there. For instance, if the goal is to brighten up your home’s drab and dark kitchen, sure, installing a skylight may be the most dramatic improvement but it’s almost certainly not the most cost effective. Consider repainting the walls or putting a lighter finish on your wood cabinets. Replacing dark linoleum flooring with a lighter color or laminate can brighten the room up as much as installing new windows. If you have considered all options and the skylight still seems like the best idea, then by all means splurge on what will make you happy.

Consider cosmetic improvements in addition to structural ones- As you continue to focus on the end goal, keep in mind that just as not every illness requires surgery, not everything wrong with your home requires construction. Sure, the living room seems overcrowded with stuff, but will an addition fix the problem or will you simply buy more stuff to fill it with? Before making a drastic change, consider alternatives. What would it look like if you bought a smaller coffee table or skinnier bookshelves? Hiring an interior decorator to help with your vision can free up as much space as a knocking down a wall.

Learn about your house- Homes hold all kinds of secrets. If your house has been around a few decades, take the time to learn about its history. Based on the period it was built, you may find that there are likely hardwood floors hiding under the linoleum, or oak walls behind that tacky kitchen wallpaper. On the flip side, there are also dangers lurking in many old homes. Materials like asbestos and lead paint are critical to know about and protect yourself from before engaging in any major work on your home.

Home improvements can lower your utility and tax bills- The federal government offers a tax credit of 30% of the materials cost for installing alternative energy equipment such as solar hot water heaters and wind turbines. By qualifying for these tax credits you can save money on taxes and energy use. Homeowners should also keep track of any amounts spent on improving the value of their homes. These can reduce the amount of profit you pay taxes on when sellig your home.

Don’t neglect your exterior- Improving your home’s landscaping can be an inexpensive way to receive a wealth of benefits. Planting tall, shade providing trees next to your home can beautify the house while reducing your summer air conditioning bill. Building a trellis up the side walls will provide a place for pretty and delicious climbing plants to grow, both feeding your family and protecting your home from the elements. Replacing a grassy lawn with xeriscaping is not only visually attractive and trendy, it will also drop your water bill dramatically.

There times that home improvements can get out of hand. We know that hiring an expert can help the stress of a project disappear. We have researched a local Roswell home improvement contractor to help you with your home in Roswell, Georgia.

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